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We will be sitting down with thee Shopify Guru and entrepreneurial trailblazer, Koereyelle!

Joy Black

Professional Violinist & Anti-Bullying Advocate

"Sometimes after a bad day of school, instead of doing my homework I would play my violin for hours crying, and taking out my frustrations with the music."

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November 16, 2019


July 30, 2019

Where are you from, and what was your life like as a little girl? — Were you always into music or the arts?

I’m from Atlanta, Ga. As a little girl, I was very shy. I really didn’t know how to make friends. I was always quiet and to myself in public areas, but around family I was always playful and was more of myself. When I was younger my mother had me take piano lessons for a few months, I really didn’t like it much. When I wa...

January 7, 2019

Talkers Talkers!!!! We are BACK at it in 2019! — As you see we came nice and strong to start the year off, with this phenomenal woman of faith and purpose! She was not always an actress and didn’t get her start the way most actresses do; but nevertheless, she manages to accomplish BIG GOALS... and make money moves that many women seeking a position in TV or film work hard for years upon years to accomplish. You may recognize N...

December 11, 2018

Hey Talkers!!!

For all of you who may be new here; this is a great interview to come in on. This is our FIRST INTERNATIONAL INTERVIEW- reaching all the way to LONDON, UK! 

Samata is an amazing woman and one who’s story definitely needs to be heard and shared. You do know that’s what we are all about. Eventually, the goal is to help every woman of color to feel and understand their worth! — Every woman is valuable and every woman...

Hey Talkers! - Brittany here!

I just want to say thank you for all your support thus far with this new platform and movement for the betterment of womanhood in general. 

I am so honored to have expanded my team and added a new interviewer to the family! Raven Holloway (Ravey Baby) is a woman of purpose with real life experiences herself, that she understands have the power to change the lives of other women if she gives insight...

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